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Storytellers International


Storytellers International is a non-profit organization exclusively for education and charitable purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. President and founder Paul Kakert has been producing national broadcast videos and multimedia for local and national clients since 1991 through his production company, Effective Digital Presentations. While building his successful business, it became apparent there was a lack of funding for telling inspiring and motivating stories, that if left untold, would be forgotten. Taking the first step towards making those stories known to the world, he founded Storytellers International in 2009. Storytellers International is committed to producing documentary films that inform, inspire and engage audiences. One of the main goals of Storytellers International is to motivate our audience to get involved in the process of filmmaking. Through the Storytellers International website, viewers can suggest subjects they would like to see produced and even submit developed story ideas.

MISSION STATEMENT: Storytellers International facilitates increased awareness of untold stories of human drama through the production, promotion and distribution of documentary films. We search for unique stories from around the world that inform, educate, entertain and inspire. We provide the means by which these stories will be discovered, produced and presented to the public, lest they be forgotten.

Additional Films from Storytellers International:

“Train to Nowhere; Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation”
Film Website:
urrently Available on Netflix

Train To Nowhere film image

When the bodies of eleven Central Americans and Mexicans were found inside a freight car in Denison, Iowa, the nation took notice. Reporters descended on the small farming community, searching for information about how and why this group ended up inside a locked railcar, where they would die horrific deaths.

The documentary offers an honest, yet compassionate look at the 2002 deaths of the eleven undocumented immigrants. It takes the viewers from the streets
of southern Texas, to the hills of a Guatemalan farm, to the Iowa town where the bodies were found.

 “Journey to the City of Dawn – Auroville, India”
Film Website:

City of Dawn film image

This film tells a timely and inspirational story of human unity and critical issues of environmental sustainability. At its core, the film asks one question – “Can the blueprint for the future of mankind be found in a tiny community in a developing country?”

The world struggles for answers on how people from different cultures, religions and views can live and prosper together in a world without conflict. Issues of environmental sustainability, education, healthcare, care of the elderly and economic stability and growth dominate today’s headlines. So perhaps some attention should be given to a social experiment, 40 years in the making, that has made these issues part of its core initiative. Located in southern India, the international township of Auroville exists to achieve human unity through diversity. The common goal of Aurovillians is not only to achieve this within their own community, but also to be an example for all of India, and eventually the world.

Auroville is 2,000 people from a multitude of social and religious backgrounds and beliefs that choose to live together not by conforming to an accepted normalcy, but through embracing their differences. This is the uniqueness that is Auroville – their true unity through diversity. It is this quality that most embodies their role as an example to the world. The world is becoming increasingly more diverse in every country, region and town. One does not need to live in Auroville to benefit from the lessons they have learned and the ideals they have defined. One only needs to examine their own life, their own future, and consider alternatives for self-improvement. The show will generate discussion as well as inspire social change.

 “Hope Dies the Last – Children Surviving War”
Film Website:

Hope Dies the Last image

There are over 130 active wars or armed conflicts happening in the world right now. Each day countless lives are lost, leaving behind children to face an uncertain future. When one generation is devastated, how does the next one carry on? When history exposes a world that will never be without war, many search for something to believe in; some hope for tomorrow.

In 1999 a group of children, devastated by the war between Kosovo and Serbia, found hope in music. Learning and performing together created something positive in their lives. Ten years later they are taking their gift of music to children who are victims of war in Uganda, spreading hope to a new generation.

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