Escape From Firebase Kate

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Firebase Kate

Captain Albracht Bu Prang 1970

Captain William Albracht in Bu Prang area, Vietnam, 1970.

Escape From Firebase Kate is the compelling story of 26 US soldiers who were forced to abandon Firebase Kate and escape through a jungle full of thousands of NVA soldiers during the Vietnam War in 1969. It is also the subject of a book written by Captain William Albracht (retired) and Marvin J. Wolfe titled “Abandoned In Hell”. The book is available at

A few online articles chronicle the escape and evasion off Firebase Kate (aka LZ Kate). For written documentaries of the event, see the following:

Article published by Vietnam Veterans of America (March/April 2013)

Article by Reginald Brockwell published on (2007)

Coverage of the filmmaking plans and fundraising efforts include a December 3, 2013 article by Jonathan Turner, arts reporter for the Rock Island Dispatch-Argus. Click here to read the article.

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